Helicopter Windows Pty. Ltd.


Helicopter Windows specialises in the manufacture of windshields and windows for a variety of helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. The current range of products is given below.

Manufacturing Notes

  • All transparencies are made from commercial grade UV-stabilised acrylic plastic. The material is pre-checked for optical distortions and the finished item is inspected for correct dimension and thickness and for optical distortion in the view zone.
  • All "bubbles" are blow moulded.
  • All flats are cut-to-shape sheet or flop/drape moulded.
  • Most windows can be fitted with Snap Vents as required. We do not make windows with sliders.
  • All windshields and windows comply with Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) 23.775 which requires that windshield and windows from the pilots back forward, as seated in flight position, must have a minimum light transmittance of 70%.
  • Windshields are generally clear, or bronze or blue tint.

Product List

Legend: QC = Quick Change Rubber Mounted

Robinson R22 - Windshields, Skylights, Door Window Flats, Door Window Bubbles
Robinson R44 - Windshields, Front and Rear Door Window Flats, Front and Rear Door Window Bubbles

Bell 206 Jet/Long Ranger - Windshields, Crew Door Window Flats, Passenger Door Window Flats, Skylights, QC Chin Windows with or w/o QC Fibreglass Surrounds
Bell OH-58 Kiowa (A and A+) - Windshields, Front Door Window QC Flats and Bubbles, Rear Door Window QC Flats and Bubbles, QC Chin Windows with or w/o QC Fibreglass Surrounds
Bell 204,205,212,214,412,Iroquois UH-1H (Huey) - Crew Lifting Window Bubbles, Cargo Door Window Flats, Jump Door/Post Window Flats with or w/o Fibreglass Surrounds, Skylights
Bell 47 - Door Window Bubbles

Eurocopter AS 350 - Lower Crew Window Flats, Landing Light Cover

Hummingbird 260L - Windshields, Skylights

Kawasaki KH4 - Blue Windshield On-hand x 1, Door Wedge Windows

Mil Mi-8 - Crew Lifting Bubble Windows (380mm deep)

R22 Gyro - Windshields
RAF 2000 - Windshield, Back Panel/Skylight
Gyrocopter two place pods

Ayres S2R Thrush – Windshields

LancAir 360 - Rear Window Flats, Wing Tip Light Covers

Vulcanair (Partenavia) P.68 Victor - Windshields

Fisher Ultralight - Front Windshields

Replica Cockpit Shells
Bell 206

Helicopter Windows can also design and manufacture related products to specification.


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